Irish Crystal Claddagh Necklace

Irish Crystal Claddagh Necklace

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The Irish claddagh, dating back to 16th-century County Galway, is a pair of clasped hands holding a crowned heart that symbolizes love, friendship, and loyalty. Here the claddagh is stamped into a sterling silver circle, symbolic of everlasting life, and paired with beautifully faceted kelly green Swarovski crystal briolettes. The sentiment is at once universal and uniquely Irish. The necklace also features the words ''love,'' ''friendship,'' and ''loyalty.''


One of the most popular symbols of Ireland and Irish culture is the claddagh, two hands clasping a crowned heart. The motif is often found on wedding rings and symbolizes love, friendship, and loyalty. Legends about the claddagh’s origins abound, from its being given by an eagle to a charitable 16th century lady in Galway to its being designed by 17th-century Galway native Richard Joyce while he was enslaved by a goldsmith in Algiers. When he was finally freed and able to return home, he gave the ring to his fiancée who had awaited his return.

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    Made in Ireland.


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