What’s in a name? Ziba is a Persian word meaning beautiful. It’s a Biblical name, too, with connotations of strength and army. Ziba is a name that’s waiting to reveal its story. A story about the place where strength and beauty meet to create something empowering—an energy that can inspire and connect.


That’s the spirit we aspire to at Ziba Luxe and want to share with you.  We celebrate the place where inner strength blossoms as outer beauty, and where inner beauty empowers us to bring our strongest selves into the world.


Ziba was also the name of founder Karen Rollefson’s beloved rescue dog. Badly abused as a puppy, with love she grew into the strong and beautiful dog she was meant to be. Ziba’s memory inspires us every day, reminding us that the love and support we share brings strength to us all.


You can reach Ziba Luxe whenever and wherever you’d like.

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